30 November 20210 dk okuma

Marentech Expo brings together the important stakeholders of the energy sector and qualified buyers from abroad with the support of the Düred Association. In this context, Marentech Expo, on its way to becoming a brand in the international market, continued its promotions at Wind Europe Electric City held in Denmark, right after the Danish presentation. Attracting the attention of many international exhibitors and visitors as a result of the promotion held in Denmark, Marentech Expo will mark the year 2022 and will host especially the big brands and manufacturers in the countries of the region as visitors.


Worldwide promotions will take the Offshore Energy and Technologies industry one step further. Marentech Expo, whose national and international promotions continue rapidly, contributes to the development of the sector on 25-27 May 2022.


The presentation of Marentech Expo was made directly to the sector officials in Denmark by the sales and marketing team, especially Filiz Karakul, BİFAŞ's overseas sales and marketing director. Marentech Expo, which is the center of attention as a result of the meetings held with the participant and visitor companies one by one, is ready to leave its mark on the sector.

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